• Borrow up to $7,500 with no interest charges and no fees
  • Any adult connected to the Jewish community in our service area can apply
  • Loans require a guarantor to ensure repayment
  • Repay $100 per month while in school or repay monthly for up to 3 years

“It’s an amazing service. Having a little breathing room makes all aspects of life just a little bit better. I believe it also really helps the community and the local economy. Thank you!”


Can I get a post-secondary education loan and wait to pay you back until I graduate?

  • No, repayment for traditional loans, including education loans, generally begins the second month after you get the loan. However, for post-secondary students (those in college, trade school, or graduate or professional school), if you or the student you borrowed for are in school and provide proof of enrollment, you may pay $100 per month.

Can I get a post-secondary education loan each year that I’m in school?

  • You can have only one loan at a time. So you can apply for and get a new loan each year only if you pay off your previous loan first.

Who can use the reduced payment plan for post-secondary education loans?

  • We offer this plan for any loan related to post-secondary education, that is, for college, trade school, graduate school or professional school, as long as the loan is intended to help pay for post-secondary education expenses.

How many co-signers (guarantors) do I need?

  • You need 1 co-signer for loans up to $7,500.

How much will I have to pay each month?

  • That depends on the amount and type of your loan. For most of our traditional loans, the repayment is never more than $200 per month. For loans under $5000, it’s less.

How do I apply?

  • Click here to start the application process. Once completed, a representative from HFL will get in touch with you to explain the next steps.

Additional FAQs