HFL offers no-interest, no-fee loans to meet a variety of needs. Click your need to find the details for that loan program.

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General Information

Hebrew Free Loan has been offering loans with no interest and no fees since 1984. All loans require credit-worthy co-signers. The loan limit, co-signers required and repayment terms are determined by the type of loan borrowed. Check the loan program pages for more details.


I so appreciate the loan I received from Hebrew Free Loan. It really helped me.

How much money can I borrow?

For most purposes, we offer loans up to $7,500. Some of our loan programs offer larger loans.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing. Our loans are interest-free and have no processing fee.

When do I have to pay?

  • Loans up to $5,000 (other than education loans) must be repaid within two years.
  • Loans from $5,001 to $7,500 (other than education loans) must be repaid within three years.

Repayment begins approximately one month after the loan is received. The repayment period depends on the amount borrowed and the type of loan.

Who can get a loan?

To qualify for a loan from Hebrew Free Loan Society, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be Jewish or have a connection to the Jewish community, such as working for a synagogue or Jewish communal organization.
  • Live in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Philadelphia county in Pennsylvania, or Burlington, Camden, Gloucester or Mercer county in New Jersey;

You also need co-signers, who promise to repay your loan if you are unable to do so. Co-signers must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey; for loans requiring more than one co-signer, we will accept one co-signer from another state.
  • Have good credit;
  • Be Jewish, if the borrower is not Jewish.

Your husband or wife cannot be a co-signer for your loan.

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