• Borrow up to $7,500 with no interest charges and no fees
  • Any adult connected to the Jewish community in our service area can apply
  • Loans require guarantors to ensure repayment
  • Repay monthly for up to 3 years

“Always put education first.”


How many co-signers (guarantors) do I need?

  • Up to $2,500: one co-signer;
  • $2,501-$5,000: two co-signers;
  • $5,001-$7,500: three co-signers.

How much will I have to pay each month?

  • That depends on the amount and type of your loan. For most of our traditional loans, the repayment is never more than $200 per month. For loans under $5000, it’s less.

How do I apply?

  • Click here to start the application process. Once completed, a representative from HFL will get in touch with you to explain the next steps.

If I get a Day care or Preschool Loan this year, can I get another next year?

  • You may only have one loan from us at a time. To get another Day care or Preschool Loan next year, you must first pay off this year’s loan.

Additional FAQs

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